Legislation We Are Watching
  • Raise Alcohol Excise Taxes to Protect Underage Youth  In its report released on September 10, 2003, Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility, the National Academy of Sciences recommends increasing alcohol excises taxes to curb underage drinking. The report listed rationales for increasing the taxes. This fact sheet provides research evidence to support each reason.

  • Beer Consumption & Taxes A growing body of research documents the effect of price on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, and certain harms related to drinking. Raising the price of alcohol, especially by increasing alcohol taxes, can be an effective means to reduce excessive and binge drinking.

  • Beer Taxes in the 50 States A Factbook Beer is the most consumed and popular alcoholic beverage sold in the United States. According to the Beer Institute, 90 million Americans drink beer.1 And, by some estimates, underage persons drink as much as 20 percent of all the alcohol consumed,2 and probably at least as much as that in beer.

  • Map of States Requiring Keg Registration


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